About CityTwist
We believe that marketing should be both effective and affordable
Response Rate by Medium With CityTwist, businesses drive new customers to their location(s) or website, without long term commitments or large out-of-pocket expenditures.

CityTwist works just like digital direct mail. You pick the consumers you want to mail to, whether reaching everyone in a Zip Code, or by segmenting the population with demographics. Customers receive the email in their inbox and take action. CityTwist will drive foot traffic into local retailers and restaurants, to business' website, and deliver a material branding impression.

With email, advertisers get three types of marketing in one.
  • When an email is delivered to the consumer's inbox, the consumer reads the From Line and Subject Line providing the advertiser with valuable branding in their market, just as display advertising (for instance a billboard) does.
  • When the consumer clicks on the Subject Line and opens the email the consumer sees and reads the advertisement, just like in direct mail or newspaper advertising.
  • Email is dynamic, as such when the consumer clicks on the call to action, they are linked to a designated landing page or web site, just like in a search engine click.
With email you are doing 3 different types of advertising, all for the price of 1.
Why CityTwist
CityTwist takes its obligation as a leading email marketing provider seriously, therefore certain advertising messages and offers will not meet our compliance standards. Accordingly, we will not permit adult, pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or business opportunity advertisements to be mailed from our systems. Each offer must be locally relevant to the consumers to which it is sent, must be of appropriate content, and may not be misleading. Each advertising campaign delivered from our servers first must go through a complete compliance review.