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Stop Leaving Money on the Table
CityTwist understands your dilemma. Customers are demanding more results, but for less cost. With CityTwist you can deliver!

John A. Greco, Jr., President of the DMA, recently wrote in his 2009 Outlook for DMA members, "Even as spending is cut in the downturn, we will continue to see increases in key direct channels such as internet and email marketing,..."

With CityTwist as a partner you won't be left behind on the platform watching the train leave the station. Instead, you will drive revenue without cannibalizing existing opportunities.
Services Offered
CityTwist DIY
CityTwist's geo-targeted email marketing is more effective and far less expensive than other advertising methods. Now, you can drive more consumers to your business for just a fraction of the cost of traditional direct marketing. Learn More

Prospect Pro
With CityTwist's ProspectPro, finding new customers is affordable and easy. For the cost of a cup of coffee a day, local merchants can email special offers to thousands of people in their backyard. Automated monthly advertisements are sent to CityTwist's Zip Code targeted opt-in database. Customers can cancel at any time. Learn More

InMarket Auto
CityTwist has developed the most highly targeted Conquest Email Advertising Campaigns available in the automotive marketplace. CityTwist has collaborated with Polk® to identify those consumers in CityTwist's opt in database that are in the market to purchase a vehicle in the near future. Learn More

Custom Services
Citytwist also offers a wide range of custom services including Email Append Services to match your customers name and postal address to our database and append your customers emails to your file. With our NCOA & ECOA Services you can stop returned mail and bounced emails, and you can rely on the quality of your data.
Aspen Marketing Services
Bringing conquest email marketing to our customers has been a priority for Aspen, and CityTwist provides the perfect solution.What's not to like about CityTwist? The additional cost for a direct marketing campaign is minimal. We don't pay for any undelivered emails. There are no spam concerns as all emails are opt-in and we have not received a single complaint from almost a million emails sent. No set-up fees. Increase in client's sales... in other words, we see our relationship with CityTwist lasting a long, long time."
Mike Gottschalk
Aspen Marketing Services