Strengthen & Renew

CityTwist's AlumTouch™ is a full service provider of email advertising and database services for colleges and universities, independent schools (K-12) and charities. Leveraging CityTwist's opt-in database of 125 million consumers, organizations can immediately:

  • Reduce communication costs by corresponding via email with existing alumni and donors
  • Find and reconnect with lost alumni and donors
  • Drive attendance to sporting events and other activities
  • Meet admission and new donor goals.
  • Conserve natural resources

With CityTwist, there are never any broker fees so we pass the savings back to you.

Find out today how AlumTouch can immediately help drive down costs while helping organization reach their goals.

Find out how Citytwist's AlumTouch™ can help to maximize relationships with your alumni, members, and potential donors by calling us today at 877.890.2586.