Email Append
Why Use CityTwist AppendPro?

Connect with the people who matter to you most. CityTwist’s AppendPro™ provides full service email advertising and database services for businesses, universities, charities and other non-profit organizations. For over 12 years, thousands of clients have turned to CityTwist to grow their contact lists and strengthen existing relationships.

  • 12 years of experience serving thousands of clients
  • In-house database containing 125 million opt-in subscribers
  • Only pay for deliverable email addresses (guaranteed for 30 days)
  • Strict adherence to all CAN-SPAM Act regulations and privacy laws
  • Highest match rates available
    (15-40% on average)
  • Officially licensed with the United States Postal Office National Change of Address Registry
  • White-listed with all major internet service providers
  • No processing fee and low minimum order
  • Fast turn-around times
    (7-14 days on average)

How Does An Email Append Work?
Email append is a simple process that allows you to maximize the number of deliverable email addresses you have on file for customers and supporters. By matching the names and postal addresses of your customers and donors against our database of 125 million opt-in subscribers, we can provide current, deliverable email addresses for 15-40% of your list.
  • Upload your customer file to our secure FTP site.
  • The AppendPro system matches the names and postal addresses in your file to our database and flags the opt-in emails for the exact matches.
  • We send a “permission letter” to the appended emails on your behalf to initiate contact
    and give your customers an opportunity to opt-out from further mailings.
  • We return the file to you with deliverable email addresses ready to use! Results guaranteed for 30 days.
Email Append Process

Find out how Citytwist's AppendPro™ can help to maximize relationships with new clients, members, and potential donors by calling us today at 866.798.2489.