Email Append
Why Email Append
How can I quickly grow my Email database?
With CityTwist's Email Append service, add or replace Email addresses to up to 30% of a customer database and tap into those existing relationships.

Your customer relationships are your most important assets. More and more companies are finding that there is a wealth of untapped potential in their customer databases. Simply upload a customer list to CityTwist's secure FTP site.

CityTwist will match the customer file to our opt-in consumer database of 125 million records, send an approved message to the customers inviting them to receive future Email communications, and return the Email addresses appended to the customer file.

The Process
CityTwist matches your customers names and postal addresses to our database and append your customers emails to your file. Email append has quickly become one of the most sought after marketing services. Through our email append service you can append new or replace outdated emails to your postal files and tap into those existing relationships.
  • Upload your customer database to our secure FTP site. CityTwist matches your file against CityTwist's 125 million opt-in consumer database, matching an average 15%-40%.
  • CityTwist then sends a permission pass email to your customers, explaining that you wish to communicate with them via email, offering the customer the opportunity to opt-out.
  • CityTwist delivers back your customer database with approved deliverable addresses. 
  • CityTwist only bills you for the append deliverable email addresses returned with your customer file.
Email Append Process