Creative Guidelines
Creative Development
Creative to be Provided by the Customer: (See below for creative guidelines)
When a Customer provides the creative in a ready condition for mailing and is requesting the CityTwist Fulfillment Team to mail the advertisement directly (rather than the customer setting up the mailpiece in CityTwist remotely), CityTwist is most often able to provide same day deployment of the campaign, provided the following conditions are met: (a) the creative is provided prior to 3:00 PM EST, (b) the Customer approves the test provided by CityTwist before 6:00 PM EST, and (c) the creative does not contain one or more links. When CityTwist is required to add one or more links to the campaign advertisement, at least one (1) business day lead-time is required for setup and testing. If multiple links are provided, please allow a minimum of two (2) business days lead-time for setup and testing. If noted lead times are not adhered to, CityTwist cannot guarantee your deployment date. A creative with multiple links involves custom setup and coding and might incur a fee.
Custom Creative Development:
If CityTwist is providing the Creative Development, please note that three business days lead-time from receipt of any required information from the Customer for creative development and testing is necessary. Once creative development is complete, if additional changes are requested, please allow additional time for set-up and testing of said changes which may take up to an additional 24 hour period. If noted lead-times are not adhered to, CityTwist cannot guarantee your deployment date.

Email Creative Guidelines

For maximum effectiveness and to speed the creative setup process, a creative should conform to these guidelines:

Our application accepts PDF, PNG, JPG, or GIF. (Although PDF is an accepted format it sometimes loses quality in the conversion process while the other three formats (PNG, JPG, GIF) maintain their original quality.

To upload a single image, the ideal size is around 700 x 700 pixels. However our system allows for images up to 1,000px wide if need be.

If you are using our already made templates, each region has the specified size requirements for each template. If you exceed the 700x700 pixels mentioned we cannot guarantee optimal printing compatibility.