Happy Birthday Advertising
An Annual Opportunity Every Day!

With CityTwist's Happy Birthday Advertising service, advertisers can send timely birthday offers by Email to local celebrants or others in their household. CityTwist provides advertisers with the flexibility of Emailing those consumers having the birthday, or Emailing other adults living in the same residence birthday gift reminders and suggestions.


Campaigns run seamlessly on our automated platform, driving customer traffic without any expense or effort. With CityTwist's turnkey Happy Birthday Advertising you can now participate in event marketing without a significant investment.

The Process
The Process

Our provider strictly abides by CAN-SPAM laws as we do internally. We have experienced very high open and click through rates resulting in a significant amount of both revenue and impressions to a targeted group."
Alissa Calomino
National Marine Manufacturers Association

Across the board, we are thrilled with the response! It is wonderful to be able to show that a promotional campaign does what it says."
CJH Youth Camp

Happy Birthday Advertising will enable you to wish Local Consumers a Happy Birthday while providing them with a well-timed offer from your business when they are most likely to use it.