About CityTwist
We believes that marketing should be both effective and affordable
With our platform, businesses can now drive new customers to their location(s) or website, without long term commitments or large out-of-pocket expenditures.

CityTwist marries full DIY automation with a dynamic database of 125 million unique consumers. The CityTwist distributed supercomputing technology ensures delivery of ordered emails to prospects' inboxes. This enabling technology puts the power of Zip Code targeted email marketing in the hands of all businesses regardless of size, creating a unique value proposition for all businesses wanting to advertise on a local level.

CityTwist was developed by a team of computer scientists, data architects, and programmers with long histories in delivering permission based email advertisements to local consumers. Born from direct mail and email marketing careers, we believed there was a better way for businesses to get their advertising message out to consumers in their relevant market areas. It is from this sentiment, and many years of investment and work that CityTwist was delivered to the marketplace.
Why CityTwist
CityTwist takes its obligation as a leading email marketing provider seriously, therefore certain advertising messages and offers will not meet our compliance standards. Accordingly, we will not permit adult, pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or business opportunity advertisements to be mailed from our systems. Each offer must be locally relevant to the consumers to which it is sent, must be of appropriate content, and may not be misleading. Each advertising campaign delivered from our servers first must go through a complete compliance review.