Executive Team
Leading the Way with Enabling Technologies

CityTwist’s success in replicating direct mail for a digital world derives from a proprietary software system that guarantees delivery at the Zip Code level. This revolutionary technology has been productized into industry leading  advertising services for bricks & mortar business applications. CityTwist’s executive team has brought the vision of Lou Nobilé, the company’s Founder, to market and industry dominance.   

Lou Nobilé - Founder & Chairman

Lou Nobilé is the driving force behind CityTwist's industry leading products and services. Lou founded CityTwist in 2003 after serving Equifax, Inc as Vice President of Technology. Prior to Equifax, Lou's innovations at Naviant, Inc. as Chief Technology Officer led to increased revenue and expanded product lines raising the company from a $20 million valuation to a $135 million sale during his 18-month tenure.

Previously Lou held key executive positions within several marketing and technology companies including Data Dynamics and Lexis-Nexis. His experience in business, marketing and technology drive the dominance and competitive advantage inherent to all CityTwist products.


Lyndon Griffin - Chief Technology Officer

Lyndon Griffin leads R&D and oversees CityTwist’s infrastructure and production systems.  Prior to joining CityTwist, Lyndon was the Senior Systems Engineer at Equifax, Inc., where he developed software to integrate technologies from newly acquired companies.  Lyndon began his civilian career at MRJ Technology Solutions, early developers of CRM, where his consulting clients included 24/7 Media and other early adopters of email marketing. 

Lyndon is a decorated Gulf War veteran (US Navy). While on ship, he created early computer systems for inventory management of operational navigation charts. His programming career began as a child with his trusty TRS-80.


Marc Lefevre - Vice President of Sales

Marc Lefevre brings over 15 years of sales leadership and business expertise to CityTwist. He has developed and overseen relationships with many of the company's largest accounts from national corporations and media partners to large advertising agencies. Marc manages the daily operations of the CityTwist sales team, training new hires, implementing new offerings into CityTwist's portfolio of products, and forging strategic partnerships. Before joining CityTwist Marc's accomplishments include increasing sales 350% year over year as VP of Sales at All Precision Needs as well as growing the sales team threefold within his first year.


Jason Elston - Vice President of Operations

Jason Elston directs production and strategic operational management for CityTwist, bringing over 10 years of sales, marketing and senior management experience to the team. His focus on maximizing growth and profitability, as well as his day-to-day leadership and management of company operations, has proven indispensible to the growth of the company. Jason built the fulfillment and customer service departments from the ground up while delivering 85% retention to CityTwist’s Conquest Auto division.