Our Technology
What makes CityTwist different?
What GRID Technology Means to You
CityTwist's Geographic Radius Inbox Delivery technology (GRID™) guarantees delivery of Email advertisements to finite consumer populations.

Consistent and persistent Inbox delivery testing and server routing ensures that each advertisement is delivered to relevant consumer populations.

GRID™ technology enables single, multi-location and national businesses to advertise to geographically relevant consumers in defined market areas. Stop "blasting" out Email advertisements to irrelevant audiences, and start sending electronic direct mail to likely customers.
DIY Email Advertising
CityTwist marries full DIY automation with a dynamic database of 125 million unique consumers. Developing email campaigns is fun and easy. There are many professional looking editable templates available for you to create that perfect mailpiece, or you can upload a pre-existing advertisement. Or, if you prefer, CityTwist has in-house graphic artists standing by to create your mailpiece for you. Learn more.