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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us
LithiaDavid Powell - Direct Marketing Manager - Lithia Motors

"Over the past year Lithia Motors has incorporated CityTwist’s Conquest Automotive email solution into its marketing plan. Partnering together with CityTwist, Lithia has been able to show a significant lift in unique conquest sales with a strong return on investment. By emailing “in market” consumers, CityTwist has developed a low cost powerful tool that reaches a demographic responding less and less to traditional media. Never before has Lithia had in its marketing arsenal a strategic email tool as we do now with CityTwist. The vast lists of potential new customers is only limited to a dealership’s marketing budget. "

USSPIPhil Miller - Chairman/CEO - USSPI

"Eighteen months ago, following an exhaustive search, USSPI chose CityTwist to be its email advertising partner. We chose CityTwist because quality and support were the most important aspects of our decision making process. CityTwist has excelled in both.

Bringing CityTwist’s email advertising products to USSPI’s more than 2,000 suburban and local newspaper relationships created turnkey incremental revenue for USSPI and its newspapers. CityTwist has trained newspaper salespeople how to sell email advertising, has been committed to making sure that each campaign is reviewed for maximum success, and has delivered on all of their promises. CityTwist’s delivery capabilities, expertise and customer support have driven strong ROI for end user customers, and brought continued repeat business.

Lastly, CityTwist holds retail pricing constant in the marketplace, ensuring that their partners will have significant margin and not be undercut. With all the moving parts, we have not had customer conflict issues. Simply, CityTwist does business the right way."

Zimmerman AdvertisingDan Kissell - EVP, Automotive - Zimmerman Advertising

"CityTwist delivers consumers that are at the bottom of the purchase funnel. Their ROI report goes beyond open and click-through rates and shows our clients what they actually sold off the campaign. In the convoluted digital universe, this transparency is refreshing. Because of the great results our clients have received with CityTwist, we now include them in all our media plans."

Doug Sweeney - Dealer Principle - Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMCSweeney Chevy Buick GMC

"We have been a CityTwist customer since September 2010 and have consistently seen around a 10% increase in new customers every month.  Our cost per car sold averages around $135!  The ability to target ‘in-market buyers,’ via email and to reach consumers that live in specific zip codes around my dealership, provides me with comfort knowing that I am advertising to the right consumer at the right time. 

The overall experience has been great… In fact, we recently signed a deal with CityTwist for 12 months and we increased our monthly spend by over 25%.  Keep up the good work, CityTwist team! "

Jo Pipher - Marketing Director - Fox DealershipsFox Dealerships

"The Fox Dealerships have been a very satisfied CityTwist customer for the past 2 ½ years. As the Marketing Director at Fox Dealerships for the past 18 years, I would rank CityTwist as one of the best companies I have worked with. The services they provide combined with the professionalism of the staff are excellent.

Most satisfying have been the results: On a $3,000 investment using their Polk E-Mail Program, we recorded 51 sales. The program data is well managed and certifiable so that we are able to determine our R.O.I. easily.

I would recommend CityTwist to any company interested in enhancing their sales. It certainly has worked for us".

Prestige MotorsRichard Muir - Communications & Marketing Manager - Prestige Motors

"CityTwist has proved to be a valuable and cost-effective solution for conquest marketing. With today’s technology, being able to track how effective any particular marketing piece is necessary and with this solution, we are able to do this.

CityTwist is able to provide outstanding metrics for each and every email that is sent and returns higher than average results. From developing the creative for the email to providing excellent customer support, CityTwist is always looking out for our best interest, and it will be a product that is used by our dealership for a very long time. "

Precision Tune Auto CareJenny Vlachopoulos - Marketing Coordinator - Precision Tune Auto Care

"We have been pilot testing the ProspectPro Program in nine of our corporate Precision Tune Auto Care locations. We have found the ProspectPro staff, especially Art and Leo, to be very responsive, helpful, and efficient. The turnaround time from concept to launch was a matter of days. We have seen redemptions, and hope to see more from this very affordable program. Our goal is to make this tactic a permanent part of our marketing ‘toolbox.’"

Yellow Jacket-MediaScott Tanner - President & CEO - Yellow Jacket-Media

"I have a company in the Seattle area that specializes in off-site automotive sales and advertising. I just finished up a sale this last weekend and utilized an "Auto Email" advertising campaign that I had never heard of or seen before. We logged over 300 UPS in three days at our site that was 300+ yards away from a roadway - behind a Home Depot. I was shocked to say the least on the return. I asked the individual that I purchased this from if I could help him sell this program. Hence my email to you. I will be in the Lincoln City/Newport area this next week and would like to show you everything about the Auto Emails that will generate traffic and buyers to your store for as little as 1 ˝ car deals. Thank you for your time and consideration."

National Marine Manufacturer's Association Alissa Calomino, Interactive Media Manager - National Marine Manufacturer's Association

"Our provider strictly abides by CAN-SPAM laws as we do internally. We have experienced very high open and click through rates resulting in a significant amount of both revenue and impressions to a targeted group."

Premier Marketing ServicesBrian Jackson - VP/Creative - Premier Marketing Services

"Thanks to you, Gavynn and everybody there for turning us on to this excellent advertising vehicle. Six vehicles (or more) sold from a $335 ad investment? That's CRAZY! You can expect regular business from us."

EMIGH HardwareTerri Meyer - Advertising Manager - EMIGH Hardware

"Our experience with CityTwist was great considering our next logical move in advertising was to go digital. In our first month of mailing we saw over 200 coupon redemptions of our offer and the sales generated from those redemptions greatly exceeded the ROI we have been able to track from traditional media. CityTwist's guidance and results have us committed to use the service again and again."

Casey - CJH Youth Camp

"Across the board, we are thrilled with the response! It is wonderful to be able to show that a promotional campaign does what it says - in your case it drives traffic directly to our web site. Certainly we can't say it, or prove it, when it comes to print and radio advertising. And, we got our first registration using the coupon code! From where I sit, it was a very worthwhile expenditure."

Kate Wilber, Owner - Bold Branding Marketing
Bold Branding

"We are always looking for new ways to get great exposure for our clients and ProspectPro does just that. With such an affordable program and the quality leads it consistently brings, I suggest it to all of my "local business" clients as part of their overall marketing strategy!"

Steve Eckstein - Schubert's Diner

Schubert's Diner and Bakery

"ProspectPro has made it easy to reach new customers and say thank you to your loyal, regular ones. The friendly staff makes setting up a campaign easy. They were so great to work with, spending the extra time to answer any of my questions and setting up just the right program. Once everything was in place, it was interesting and amazing the response we received. Once the coupons were coming in, my staff kept them in a separate folder and started a new database for our restaurant! Thanks ProspectPro!"

Mike Tomasso - Owner - Tomasso's Pizza
Tomasso's Pizza and Subs

"Outstanding service, knowledgeable staff, cost-effective solution. Beyond their easy-to-use application, ProspectPro email marketing service continues to impress for their excellence in client satisfaction as well as an effective marketing strategy to engage existing as well as potential new customers. From personal account management to one-on-one campaign creation assistance, they actively listen and continually respond with enhancements to their product. I would recommend ProspectPro to anyone in the market for a powerful and affordable email service provider."

See Live Magic Kostya Kimlat - Restaurant Magic Business LLC

"The team at ProspectPro has been supportive every step of the way. They've customized everything we have asked them to do and we are starting to see positive returns on our investment."

Michael Gabbay - Subscriber Testimonial

"One day I was sitting at my computer when I happened to get an email with a pic of a hamburger that looked perfect for lunch...long story short... it was an email from a local Johnny Rockets offering a free burger. I gave the email to a friend of mine...and they cashed it in.

A month or so later I was going through my mail box and found that email again... only this time I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and saw your 'advertise with us' and phone number... Being a marketing man myself... I had so many questions, how did you get directly into my EarthLink inbox, how did that store target me... I was really knocked out by the whole thing. Ron's a great answer man... He knows how to work the phone in a very professional and upbeat manner.

I started working in the internet in '95, The founder of Geocities David Bonnet was one of my business partners.We were one of the first men to create an email marketing newsletter. I have read your website...I looked at the moral position you've taken in the selection of your customers... It looks like you have built one of the most powerful marketing tools any retailer could dream of having. Good for Johnny Rockets! I'm sure they are reaping the rewards, my friend is a regular. Great for CityTwist!!!

Thanks for sounding the new trumpet. Meet the new boss...not the same as the old boss."